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NJFHO Holds Succesful First General Assembly







Paramus, New Jersey - October 27, 2009


The newly established Federation of Hellenic American Organizations of New Jersey held its first General Assembly on Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 2 p.m. at the Pines Manor, in Edison, New Jersey.


Thirty five delegates participated in the General Assembly of the Federation, representing nineteen of the twenty-four organizations registered as members. Among the dignitaries attending the meeting and addressing the Delegates were the Very Rev. George Nikas, Chancellor of the Metropolis of New Jersey, representing his Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos, the Hon Andreas Panagiotou Consul General of Cyprus, and the Hon. Evangelos Kiriakopoulos, Consul of Greece. The General Assembly was addressed by the Founding President, Mr. Andreas M. Comodromos and the co-founder of the Federation, Mr. John Sakelaris. Mr. Tassos Efstratiades explained the by-laws to the delegates. Mr. Panos Stavrianidis, Treasurer, presented the annual report.


In his address, Mr. Comodromos thanked the members of the Founding Board for their dedication to the effort to establish the Federation and underlined the Federation’s intention to work closely with the Holy Metropolis of New Jersey and all other Federations and community organizations. He explained the Federation’s commitment to support its member organizations and to respect their independence and their right to belong to other Federations of their choice. He closed by congratulating the delegates and all member organizations for their presence in this historic event for the Hellenic community of New Jersey.


The General Assembly held the first election for officers. The following were elected and will join Mr. Comodromos, the Founding President, in the Executive Committee: Tassos Efstratiades, President; John Sakelaris, Executive Vice President; Stacey Sava, Vice President for Northern New Jersey; Panos Stavrianidis, Vice President for Central New Jersey, George Pappas, Vice President for Southern New Jersey; Savas Tsivicos, Vice President for Government Affairs; Giorgos Antoniou, General Secretary; Dimitrios Kontolios, Alternate Secretary; Nicholas Poulis, Treasurer; and Dr. Nikos Panagiotou, Assistant Treasurer.


Immediately after the elections, the new President, Tassos Efstratiades, addressed the delegates and pledged to work towards developing communication and cooperation among all member organizations. Mr. Efstratiades explained the need to promote program involving the youth and promoting Hellenic culture, education and ideas.


Following the President’s address, the delegates adopted two plenary resolutions. In the first resolution they pledged their support to the Federation and its goals. In the second resolution they affirmed their support for the important national issues of all Greek Americans: (1) the resolution of the Cyprus conflict, (2) the right of the Ecumenical Patriarchates to continue its mission free from religious oppression in Turkey and the reopening of the Halki School of Theology, (3) the withdrawal by the Skopje government of its claims on Macedonia, (4) the recognition of the genocide in Pontos and Asia Minor, and (5) the termination of human rights violations in Northern Epirus.


During the proceedings, the Federation was presented by a $10,000 donation by PGEI Foundation. The presentation was made by the president of PGEI Foundation, Mr. James Logothetis, who also acted as Chairman of the General Assembly during the proceedings. Mr. George Siamboulis, President of Pangregorian Enterprises also spoke during the presentation.


The Federation of Hellenic American Organizations of New Jersey, which was founded as a tax exempt nonprofit organization, was the culmination of the efforts of several leaders of the Greek American community in the State which began over several years ago. Their goal is to unite the many and diverse Hellenic American organizations in the State in order to coordinate their activities and benefit from an exchange of ideas and to provide representation in various forums and activities in the United States, Greece and Cyprus.


The Federation will hold its inaugural banquet on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at the Pines Manor.